Intermediary meeting, the 9th and 10th of february, 2010.

This meeting, happening at the beginning of the second year, will be organized to present first methodological results. The practical implementation of the second year project will be organized.

Practical informations

The meeting is located at LJK, see a photography of the building here. It is located on the campus; the best to go there is to use the tramway B or C (station Bibliothèques Universitaires). Count 30 minutes to go from the railway station ("Gares"). Two different rooms are used (salle I and salle II). Both are located just at the entrance of the LJK tower, on the left.


Tuesday morning ( 9:15 - 12:15 am, salle I):

  • 9:15: Coffee
  • 9:45: Progress in developing a 3D background-error correlation model using an implicit diffusion operator, I. Mirouze. (deliverables: D2.1.1, D2.1.2)
  • 10:45: Progress in developing an observation-error covariance model for the absolute dynamic topography, A. Weaver. (deliverable: D2.2)
  • 11:45: NEMOVAR at ECMWF: Present status and future plans with emphasis on reanalysis and operational applications., K. Mogensen.
  • Lunch (1:00 - 2:30 pm)

    Tuesday afternoon (2:30 - 6:00, salle II):

  • 2:30:Variational data assimilation with a high resolution ocean model, P.-A. Bouttier.
  • 2:45: Current status of the VODA project, A. Vidard.
  • Discussion: practical implementation for next year.
  • 3:45: NEMOTAM status, F. Vigilant.
  • Discussion: versioning, releases, and technical points.
  • 4:30 Coffee
  • 5:00 Open source issues for NEMOVAR, K. Mogensen.
  • Discussion: Open source and distribution issues.
  • Wednesday morning (9:00 - 12:30 am, salle II):

  • 9:00:Sensitivity Analysis, E. Rémy.
  • 9:20: An open boundaries configuration in NEMOVAR, C. Deltel.
  • 9:40:New scripts for the outer loop, C. Chauvin.
  • 10:15: Coffee
  • Discussion
  • Participants

    Elizabeth Remy, Mercator Océan, Toulouse

    Anthony Weaver, CERFACS, Toulouse

    Arthur Vidard, LJK-INRIA, Grenoble

    Bénédicte Lemieux-Dudon, LJK-LEGI, Grenoble

    Charles Deltel, LOCEAN, Paris

    Claire Chauvin, LJK-INRIA, Grenoble

    Emmanuel Cosme, LEGI, Grenoble

    Eric Blayo, LJK-INRIA, Grenoble

    Franck Vigilant, LJK-INRIA, Grenoble

    Isabelle Mirouze, CERFACS, Toulouse

    Kristian Mogensen, ECMWF, Reading

    Thomas Pangaud, CERFACS, Toulouse

    Andrea Piacentini, CERFACS, Toulouse

    Pierre-Antoine Bouttier, LJK-LEGI, Grenoble

    Rachid Benshila, LOCEAN, Paris