Surfing the VODA code through an html interface

A fortran to html version of the VODA code (restricted access), version TAG XXX. Click Here

Compilation of NEMO and NEMOVAR

Howtos on the compilation on specific platforms, use of FCM and git. Now located in the NEMOTAM Wiki (restricted access).

PIANO: Python Interface for Assimilation in NemO

Current version of the reference manual.
With tag versions NEMO 3.0 and NEMOVAR N3.0-A2.0, the following zipped directories give the result of a 4D-VAR incremental assimilation in the GYRE-ENACT test case (experiment defined in PIANO).
  • With intel and gfortran compilers, results of minimization are found in INTEL 2010-06-09
  • With pgi, results of minimization are found in PGI 2010-06-09
  • Data on specific configurations.

    Previous results on the GYRE-ENACT experiment are obtained with the following observation and restart files:
  • Restart
  • Restart for the generation of temperature ans salinity profiles
  • T and S profiles
  • SLA Data: generated for GYRE, from ORCA data

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